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Have a Happy, Re-energising Christmas and an Adventurous New Year!

Many thanks to all my clients (both regular for many years and those recently new to me) for allowing me to help, heal and take some of the stress out of your life, throughout 2017...

I hope you have some time over the holidays to reflect, enjoy your free time and start making plans for something to push yourself a little in 2018. I hope the New Year brings you many great opportunities!

I will be closing over the Christmas / New Year holidays to do exactly the same myself...

OPEN as usual until Friday 22nd December, 10am to 6.30pm

Then CLOSING Sat 23rd December until Saturday 6th January, 2018, inclusive

Back OPEN as USUAL from Sunday 7th January, 2018, 2.30pm to 10pm

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With the onset of winter and the colder, darker days and nights, we all seem to experience more aches and pains. A great way to combat muscular tension is with heat (hot stones) and massage combined.

Feel your stress and worries melt away with a deeply comforting Hot Stone Therapy Massage, using gentler hot stone massage and energising hot stone placement on your body...

£10 OFF Hot Stone Therapy Massage now £30 (60mins) or £45 (90mins)

And if you suffer with a lot of tension and pain, get some deeper work alongside the heat of the stones, to help shift the points of stress, with an effective Deep Tissue Hot Stone Massage...

£10 OFF Deep Tissue Hot Stone Massage now £30 (60mins) or £45 (90mins)

Offer ends Friday 22nd December, 2017.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact Andy today!

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A lot of people start feeling less energetic and sometimes more stressed and emotional over the winter months. A great help to remedy this would be some Reiki Healing, which helps nurture your mind, energise your body and elevate your spirits.

Read more details about Reiki Healing...

Why not add a Reiki Healing booster to your next massage? Or order a course of 4 Reiki healing sessions, to give you a real boost to beat the Winter Blues?

These offers are available throughout the Winter months (and anytime during the year!):

Reiki Beginners Top-Up: Fancy trying Reiki Healing but not too sure? Just add a 30 minute Reiki Top-Up to your next massage for only £10! Just ask for "REIKI MINI TOP-UP" when you book your massage.

Massage/Reiki Deal: Book yourself a lovely relaxing 60/90 min massage followed by a deeply grounding, comforting 60/90 min Reiki Healing and get £15 OFF both treatments (prices start at £50 for 2 hours of bliss!)

Reiki Energy Saving Deal: Intensify your healing with a weekly Reiki Healing session, when your battery is flat and you need extra help getting back on top of life. Book and pay for 4 Reiki Healing sessions and get 33% OFF! (4 x 60mins for £80 or 4 x 90mins for £120)

See more offers which are available any day of the year...

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THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT for that special person!

Wondering what to buy that special person in your life for Christmas? Well, why not take the stress out of your life and theirs, by giving them an exclusive Equilibrium Gift Voucher?

Have a look at my list of massage and holistic treatments and request the gift voucher to any amount. Then contact Andy, with the name of the person you want to gift and how you would like to pay (Paypal, Internet Bank Transfer, Cash). I will then sort the rest for you, your present buying stress relieved and the special person in your life can look forward to a blissful, relaxing, pampering gift!

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Show your love with a healing surprise! :-)

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NEVER CARRY CASH? Pay more easily by Internet Bank Transfer!

Some of my clients never carry that much cash and are sometimes in a rush from work, etc, to get to their appointment on time and can find themselves stressed with no way of paying.

An easy solution to this situation is to pay for your treatment via Internet Bank Transfer. All you need initially are my Bank Sort Code and Account Number. Once you have used these to set me up as a Payee on your Internet Banking system, you can simply select my name from your list online to make the payment simply and easily before attending for your appointment.

Please make sure you text me to inform that you are paying via this method before any treatment, so I can ensure that the payment has been made.

PLEASE CONTACT ME to ask for my Bank Sort Code and Account Number if you wish to use this method of payment.

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EQUILIBRIUM Massage Therapies - Now on SOCIAL MEDIA...

You can now find me on Facebook and Google+ with exclusive treatment offers, therapeutic tips, aromatherapy cocktails and much more!

LIKE me on Facebook at the following page: http://www.facebook.com/equilibrium.massage.manchester

FOLLOW me on Google+ at the following page:

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Escape Stress, Enter Tranquility & Keep Toasty...

We all need some time nowadays to escape from the growing challenges and stresses that come into our lives. Time for ourselves, letting our mind slow down, and a calm place to allow us to enter a state of tranquility.

Through talking to you, finding out where you are at, I will then make your massage treatment personal to your needs. To further your comfort and help deepen your relaxation, I now have a lovely new electric warmer blanket installed on the massage table....

Why not give yourself some time out, that you deserve? Contact Andy today...

I am fully VTCT qualified and provide a range of massages, from gentle aromatherapy to deep tissue massage, or a fusion of different styles to suit you. For reviews of my treatments by my clients, please see my Google+ page.

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NEW CALMING THERAPY ROOM NOW OPEN... we are still at the same address but now you have your consultation and treatments in my much more luxurious therapy room. Click the picture below or this link for more pictures of my new treatment room.

cellar of calm

Keep the balance in your life with Equilibrium....

Massage is becoming an increasingly popular form of holistic and pro-active therapy, enjoyed by millions of people every day. It effectively reduces stress levels, stimulates the body's self-healing processes and helps replenish our vital energy, restoring equilibrium and balance. Enjoying a massage regularly (such as weekly or monthly) may help repair the body, relax and refresh the mind and enhance spirits, so that we are more able to face the challenges of life with a renewed sense of confidence and ease. If the pressures of life are not released through natural therapies, such as massage, then they can gradually have a more detrimental affect on the person as a whole.

Depending upon the choice and combination of massage techniques, the body can either be relaxed or stimulated, making it a useful and enjoyable form of therapy. Massage may alleviate stresses and strains on both the body and mind at once and the effects can often be felt quite instantly after a massage session.

People also use massage as an important complimentary therapy in helping to relieve various ailments and unwanted behaviours in their lives. Massage may help with many, including the following:

  • Anxiety and Depression: helps relieve the various symptoms of anxiety, depression and alleviate the psychological strain caused.
  • Insomnia and bad sleeping patterns: calms the racing mind down and makes the body feel naturally tired and ready for sleep.
  • Lack of concentration and short term memory: helps to calm the mind and senses, enabling the mind to operate in a more focused way.
  • Cutting down on Alcohol: as a compliment to cutting down alcohol consumption and counseling/support, massage may clear toxins from the body, aid restful sleep and alleviate depression.
  • Blood Pressure: can help to lower high blood pressure.
  • Painful areas that cannot be moved: may relieve strain on muscles and joints in the body and speed up their repair. Causes can be bad posture, awkward movement or minor accidents. Massage may also help prevent Repetitive Stress Injury.

Further information about massage and its benefits (physical and psychological)


Page last updated: 10th December, 2017