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All treatments can have the following added to enhance the feeling and outcome of your massage:

  • CBD Blissful, Pain Dissipating oil added (£5 extra)
  • Personalised Aromatherapy oils blend added (£5 extra)

Please specify the above when you book your treatment.

> Back or Legs or Arms/Chest Massage
(30 mins)
> Essential Body Massage (60 mins)
> Complete Body Massage (90 mins)
> Essential Body Massage (60 mins)
> Complete Body Massage (90 mins)
> Back or Legs or Arms/Chest Massage
(30 mins)
> Essential Body Massage (60 mins)
> Further Body Massage (90 mins)
> Essential Body Massage (60 mins)
> Complete Body Massage (90 mins)
> includes back, shoulders, arms, neck,
head & face (40 mins)
> Deep Healing session (60 mins)
> Extra Deep Healing session (90 mins)
> Distant Healing session (30-45 mins)
> Distant Healing package (4x 30-45 mins)
> includes facial massage & lymphatic drainage
(45 mins)
> Full Body Lymph Drainage (60 mins)
> Localised Lymphatic Drainage (30 mins)
>Fire Cupping session (30 mins)
>Add Fire Cupping to any massage (30 mins)

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NEW CLIENTS must pay a Deposit to get their first appointment confirmed

If you are booking an appointment with me, for the first time, I will ask you to pay 50% of your agreed treatment cost, as a deposit, to ensure that your appointment is confirmed. Alternatively, you are very welcome to pay the full amount for your treatment in advance, if convenient.

The best ways to pay your deposit in advance are Bank Transfer and Paypal - see details in the "Easier Ways to Pay" section below...

I will keep your agreed appointment date/time provisionally in my diary for 48 hours after you book. You need to pay your deposit within the 48 hours to ensure that your appointment is confirmed.

Once you have paid the deposit, just message me on your mobile, to let me know and I will then confirm that your agreed appointment time/date in my diary, once I have verified that your payment has been received.

I have had to start asking for this, as a number of new clients recently have booked appointments and then just do not turn up. This is both bad manners and also means that I am losing money when another client could have had my time.

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If you cancel an appointment with less than 12 hours' notice or fail to attend for an appointment then you will be charged 50% of the full session rate, advertised in the Rates section above. This cancellation fee is partial compensation to me, for loss of business, and must be paid as soon as possible after your missed appointment.

The best ways to pay your cancellation fee are Bank Transfer and Paypal - see details in the "Easier Ways to Pay" section below...

If you do not pay the cancellation fee then you will not be allowed to arrange appointments with me in the future.

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I have expanded the various ways in which you can pay for your treatments, so hopefully everyone can find a method that suits them...

  • CASH (on arrival) - The traditional way but one, I am aware, is less popular now, especially since the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • BANK TRANSFER (paid before arriving) - This method initially takes a little time to set-up but is quite straightforward with your Bank Online System/App. Once you have set it up, my details will appear for you to simply select in the future... My details are:
    • Name: Andrew Brown (Personal Account)
    • Sort Code: 070436
    • Account Number: 05033429
    (Please ensure that you contact me before arriving, to let me know that you have paid by this method, so I can confirm that your payment has arrived)

  • PAYPAL (paid before arriving) - Can be paid to: andy.equilibrium@gmail.com (Friends/Family option preferred)
    (Please ensure that you contact me before arriving, to let me know that you have paid by this method, so I can confirm that your payment has arrived)

  • DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS (on arrival) - You can pay via a Card Reader.
    • Accepts Contactless Payment up to £100
    • Automated Receipts (if needed) easily available to your Email Address
    • Range of Cards accepted...

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(updated May 2024):

  • INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Get £5 off any treatment, as a special thank you for choosing Equilibrium Massage. Please quote "BALANCE" when you make your booking to receive this discount.

  • SPECIAL OFFER on your Treatments for Students, NHS employees & Senior Citizens (>= 65 yrs old): get £10 off your first treatment visit (on the full prices of the above advertised treatments) then £5 off for each follow-up treatment - current study ID (students) or work ID (NHS employees) must be brought when you attend.

LOYALTY SPECIAL OFFERS - for returning clients
(updated May 2024):

  • KEEP REGULAR & KEEP IT CHEAPER! If you book a massage and have previously been to see me within the last 2 months of the date booked for your appointment then please quote "REGULAR" and I will give you £5 off your treatment for being so regular.
  • REFER a FRIEND - they get £5 OFF and so do you! Print off the special promotional flyer for your friend and ask them to mention your name when they attend for their treatment. Your friend will get £5 off their first treatment and next time you attend, so will you, as a special thank you!

  • GET A MASSAGE TREATMENT COMPLETELY FREE! Book and pay for 4 treatments full price and then get the 5th COMPLETELY FREE! (that is a saving of 20% overall). You must have all 5 treatments within 5 months from the date of the first treatment.

  • REIKI BEGINNERS TOP-UP... Fancy trying Reiki Healing but not too sure? Just add a 30 minute Reiki Top-Up to your next massage for only £12.50! Just ask for "REIKI MINI TOP-UP" when you book your massage.

  • MASSAGE / REIKI DEAL - Treat yourself to a double session of bliss with a relaxing 60/90min massage, followed by a deeply comforting 60/90 min Reiki Healing session and get £15 OFF the treatment combination!

  • REIKI ENERGY SAVING DEAL! Intensify your healing with a weekly Reiki Healing session, when your battery is flat and you need extra help getting back on top of life. Book and pay for 4 Reiki Healing sessions and get 35% OFF! (4 x 60mins for £90 or 4 x 90mins for £130)
    (You must use your 4 treatments within 4 months of your first treatment date)
  • TOTAL HEAD CHILL: Indian Head Massage & Hopi Ear Candle Therapy combination deal. Book these treatments together and save £10! Enjoy 85 minutes of bliss for only £50...

None of the above offers can be used in conjunction with each other.

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Your first visit will include an additional free 15 minutes consultation, before your massage begins, about your health, lifestyle and medical history.

For your first visit only, please click the relevant link below, depending on the treatment that you require, and download the consultation form (in Microsoft Word format):

Relaxing Swedish, Deep Tissue or Hot Stones Massage - Consultation Form

Aromatherapy Massage - Consultation Form

Indian Head Massage - Consultation Form

Hopi Ear Candle Therapy - Consultation Form

Print the form and complete by hand before attending for your treatment.

If you have any problems, viewing the downloaded form, please let me know. I may be able to send in another format or you can always complete the form by hand when you attend for your first treatment.

All information held about clients is held in strictest confidence.


Page last updated: 1st May, 2024